Solbrinken Residence in Nacka 2009

A single family house with a detached studio. The buildings are situated between the forest and a former garden. We made the most out of the varied landscape and turned the closed, windowless walls toward the neighbours. The family wanted to create their own private world.

In the area between the main house and studio is an outdoor space for recreation and play, with a Japanese or Skåne character. The spacious public zone of the main house runs the length of the plan with interaction between kitchen, living and sleeping areas. There is a visual connection between the double height kitchen and the studio. The material palette was kept simple and durable for an active family; concrete floors, mdf kitchen, exterior wood panel in black oil paint.

Architect: Katarina Lundeberg
Landscape architect: Alf Orvesten
Model makers: Maria Karlsson Orvesten, Malin Heyman
Photographer: Björn Lofterud





Solbrinken Ordinary House, Nacka